Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska

Galina Tomisser, CRAFT's current President, is a National Board Certified teacher at Muldoon Elementary where she’s been involved with English Language Learners of all grades. She is CRAFT's founding member and made a significant contribution in its development by personal commitment to its mission and goals and organizing different events for the Russian diaspora. She is also a Board member of the Bridge Builders, another non-profit organization, helping out to carry its mission – “to make Anchorage the first city without prejudice.” Being one of the lead singers of the Big Block Chevi Rock band (former the Forget-Me-Not group), Galina creates entertaining events (Russian Old New Year, Women’s Day, Victory Day, etc.) to share Russian culture with Alaskans. She actively participates in many cultural events organized by other ethnic groups and organizations of our community at large – numerous fundraisers, Meet the World, Independence Day, AK State Fair, Unity Gala, Block Parties to name a few.

In 2013, for her outstanding volunteer effort, Galina received a Bridge Builders’ award for “Excellence in Community Service.”

Наталия Монро, Вице-Президент КРАФТа, бывшая жительница г. Екатеринбурга (Свердловска), переехала на постоянное жительство в Анкоридже 19 лет назад. Наталия - мать четырех детей, член фольклорной танцевальной группы "Сударушка" и замечательный человек, который никогда не отказывает в помощи. Она готовит и доставляет еду для престарелых людей, а также возит их в места предназначения; помогает в церкви. Наталия очень любит детей: трудно переоценить ее регулярную денежную помощь сиротским домам в России; она также принимает, заботится и развлекает детей различных национальностей у себя дома. Она принимает активное участие в культурной жизни Анкориджа и за его пределами (День Независимости, Гала Единства, Встречайте Мир в Анкоридже, в праздниках Фарбэнкса, Палмера и т. д.).

Natalia Monroe, CRAFT's Vice-President, is a former resident of Ekaterinburg, Russia, and has moved to Anchorage over 19 years ago.  She is a loving mom of four children, member of the Russian Folk Dance Group, Sudarushka, and a remarkable, generous, and kind person.  She prepares meals for the elderly and helps them with transportation, she provides regular financial support to Russian orphanages and, because she adores children, she frequently gathers children of all nationalities at her home.  She is very active Alaska, taking part in Independence Day Parades, Unity Gala, Meet the World event, and various other celebrations.  She is a proud recipient of 2015 Bridge Builder's award in Excellence in Community Service.

Marina Gantz is originally from the City of Magadan, Russia, is a founding member of CRAFT. Over twenty years she has been working for the Anchorage School District (ASD) English Language Learner Program as a Bilingual Tutor, English as the Second Language (ESL) Teacher, High School Specialist and Teacher- Expert for Secondary Schools. Teaching is Marina’s passion; she has taught English, History and Social Studies to diverse students of all grade levels and various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. She also taught Russian at Alaska Pacific University (APU) and in Skyview High School in Soldotna in the early years of her teaching carrier in Alaska. As an ASD specialist, she has conducted professional development trainings for Anchorage educators and teachers throughout the State; she has taught classes to students’ parents for whom English was a new language. 

A trained interpreter and a translator with the Anchorage Language Interpreter Center (LIC), Marina has been providing services to various businesses, organizations and individuals, often doing a pro-bono work, helping in the community.

As a member of Russian-American Colony Singers (RACS) chorus, Marina performed at various cultural and artistic events in Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks, AK and Vancouver, OR. For many years she has been a volunteer judge at the Russian Language Olimpiada and has promoted Russian language and culture at school events and participated in other cultural activities.  In 2010 Marina was awarded a recognition by the “Bridge Builders” for “Excellence in Community Service”. 

Tomisser, Galina.

Monroe, Natalia.

Gantz, Marina.

Khadjinova, Eva.

Ева Хаджинова, Секретарь КРАФТа , бывшая жительница г. Южно-Сахалинска, переехала на постоянное жительство в США 20 лет назад. Ева лицензированный адвокат и имеет собственную практику.  Она член фольклорной танцевальной группы "Сударушка", является членом совета директоров организации Бридж Билдерз, и активно учавствует в культурной жизни Анкориджа.  Помимо русского и английского, Ева разговаривает на испанском и она регулярно предоставляет свои профессиональные услуги на добровольной основе малоимущим жителям Анкориджа.

Eva Khadjinova, CRAFT's current Secretary and former President, is a former resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, and has moved to the United States 20 years ago.  She is a licensed attorney and has her own practice.  She is a member of the Russian Folk Dance Group, Sudarushka, she serves on the board of Bridge Builders of Anchorage, and is actively involved in the cultural life of Anchorage.  In addition to Russian and English, Eva speaks Spanish and she regularly volunteers her professional services to the low-income residents of Anchorage.