Русский Анкоридж
Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska
Russian Anchorage

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CRAFT of Alaska is a member organization.  To become a member, please fill out the membership form and submit it via email or via USPS along with your payment of membership dues. 

Members' duties include:

  • Election of the Board of Directors
  • Payment of Membership Dues
  • Support the Organization to the extent the member feels comfortable.  This may include: attending events, help in organization/execution of CRAFT's events, making tax-deductible monetary donations, making tax-deductible in-kind donations to support fund-raising auctions; submit articles to be published on our website, which may be interesting to our readers; become a volunteer teacher of our Children's Club; attend Board of Directors' meetings and give advice, information, provide feedback to Board's activities, etc.

The Board of Directors is very keen and eager to bring to CRAFT's members events they find interesting, informative, and those that are consistent with the goals and purpose of our Organization.  The day-to-day activities of CRAFT are run by the Board of Directors. While members do not have the right to vote on CRAFT's day-to-day activities, their advice is always sought out and welcomed.  

3705 Arctic Blvd., # 1420 Anchorage AK 99503



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