Русский Анкоридж
Russian Anchorage

The Inaugural Walk of the Immortal Regiment organized by CRAFT of Alaska has taken place on May 5, 2019 in downtown Anchorage.  Despite the drizzling rain, the faces of all who took part in the walk were shining with a very special glow.  It was as if the the spirits of those who suffered so much in this horrific war were smiling through the eyes of the participants at the recognition that their sacrifice is not forgotten, that the memory of their suffering is not lost through time, and that as long as we remember what that meant, we will be able to prevent such suffering for our children and grandchildren. 

Дорогие друзья,
Наше первое шествие Бессмертного полка Анкоридж, Аляска совершилось!
Посмотрите на солнечные лица его участников, осветливших пасмурный день. Отимени нашей организации КРАФТ примите наши искренние благодарности за участие в этой знаменательной акции!
Мы помним, чтим и гордимся!

Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska

Watch the local news channel report of the event HERE. смотрите репортаж ЗДЕСЬ. More information/photos/video HERE