CRAFT takes part in Bridge Builders of Anchorage Meet the World Event.  During the concert, Russian culture was represented by Natalia Ramstad, the Folk Dancing Group Sudarushka and Karnellia Khadjinova. Laman Hendricks represented Azerbaijan.

Необыкновенно познавательная беседа с Геннадием Поликахиным и его замечательной супругой, Надеждой. Ждём с нетерпением рассказа о чае! Огромное спасибо Геннадию - о его талантах даже кино делают. Смотрите здесь.

The current Board of Directors was re-elected for a new term at CRAFT's annual meeting.  The Board will elect new officers and will announce changes in leadership structure of the organization after November 8, 2017 Board Meeting.

CRAFT is very grateful to Marina Lvovna Asmolova for a remarkable presentation on how to resolve conflicts and have a friendly contact with difficult persons. Over 30 people attended the seminar and learned exceedingly useful skills that undoubtedly will help navigating through life and business. There were a lot of new and young faces; CRAFT is very thanks all guests for their interest in and support of our organization. Huge thanks to all of CRAFT's Board members for the effort in organizing and executing this fantastic event!

Как и все встречи с Владимиром, эта прошла на легкой ноте благодаря замечательному чувству юмора.  Нам теперь не страшны ни пожары, ни землетрясения, ни даже ядерные атаки, а меньше всего... злыдни!

CRAFT is very grateful to the presenter of very useful information about Internet Security and Digital Privacy.  Over 20 persons attended the event and left very pleased with the information they received.  Looking forward to more event like this

Please congratulate this year's winners of the Bridge Builders' Excellence in Community Service Awards that are connected to the Russian Speaking community of Anchorage.  This year Governor Walker and the First Lady presented the awards.  The Award recipients were honored at a beautiful Gala event held on August 19, 2017, Hotel Captain Cook. CRAFT is proud that this year, one quarter of all winners of the Award are connected to the Russian-speaking diaspora, and they are: Natalia Sears, for her extraordinary volunteer efforts in leading CRAFT's Russian Language Children's club, Project Music Without Borders, lead by Zlata Lund, for bridging Native Alaskan, American, and Russian cultures in recognition of 150th Anniversary of Alaska purchase, Valerie Ekberg-Brown for her indefatigable effort in organizing and leading the Russian Language Olympiada, Laman Hendricks, CRAFT member, for donating generously her stunning performances to the various non-profit fund-raising events, Rada Khadjinova for her remarkable and outstanding volunteer effort organizing the fund-raising gala for the benefit of the Sister-Cities Commission where Russian-speaking performers overshadowed all others. All of these Award recipients volunteered abundantly in addition to the above-mentioned highlights.  We thank all of this year's Award recipients, and CRAFT's board of directors, Galina Tomissier, Marina Gantz, Natalia Monroe, and Zlata Lund should be proud of the work well done which allowed members of our diaspora to have evenings like these!

Празднование 72 годовщины победы прошло необыкновенно успешно.  Более 50 человек приняло участие в торжестве.  Читали стихи, пели песни о Победе, чтили погибших минутой молчания, и радовались тому, как наши дети пускают мыльные пузыри в мирное небо. Ура, Ура, Ура!

Thank you to everybody who came to the New Years Utrennik! Special thanks to volunteers from Dimond High School, parents, KRAFT members, and to the children, who are the main reason for this event. 

Another beautiful concert and an extraordinarily successful fund-raising event for CRAFT of AK.

От имени КРАФТа и всех присутствующих говорим огромное спасибо Александру Салову за очень познавательную лекцию о стране восходящего солнца -Японии. Также благодарим Геннадия Поликахина за приготовление японского чая.

Русский Анкоридж
Russian Anchorage
Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska