Русский Анкоридж
Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska
Russian Anchorage
  • Teachers: Currently, Natalia Sears and Galina Tomisser, both professional educators, teach our Russian Language Children's Club.  Natalia is a mathematics teacher at Dimond High School.  Galina is the National Board Certified teacher at Muldoon Elementary.  If you would like to volunteer for an hour once a week or once every other week, we will happily welcome your help. Please, contact us if you have any questions whatsoever
  • Schedule: Currently there are two sessions every Saturday . The first is from 9:30-10:30 and the second is from 10:30-11:30
  • Purpose:  to provide a welcoming opportunity for children to interact with their peers and teachers in Russian language through reading, play, skits, songs, and animated movies thereby fostering comprehension and appreciation of Russian language and culture.
  • Snack Policy: Encouragement of Children’s speech is the main purpose of the club.  Therefore, any snacking during the sessions are strongly discouraged and will not be permitted.  Parents must notify the teachers if their child has a medical condition that requires frequent snacking.
  • Structure: Each teacher’s technique for achieving the purpose will be in the discretion of the teacher.This will maximize the children’s exposure to different styles and different speech patterns thereby increasing the children’s comprehension of the language.   Once the children’s language abilities are ascertained, more specific plans will be developed.  The following are the general ideas on the possible approaches that can be combined at a particular session. 
  1. Have a reading session of a story with possible discussion of the pictures in the book, including colors, shapes, etc.
  2. Mini-play session with assigned roles from the story just read
  3. A paint or coloring session
  4. A visual presentation of the story, no longer than 5-7 minutes (through U-tube) with interruptions and short discussion of what just been watched
  5. Learning and singing songs from various animated movies, e.g. “Multconcert” (U-tube)
  6. Have the children come in funny clothes for acting
  7. Teach children about various animals, dogs for example.  A fully certified specially trained dog is available and can participate in the sessions.
  8. Create puppet show with children making the puppets and then acting.
  9. Read a story about culture-specific personages, Matreshka, fire-bird, baba yaga, etc and decorate/color these personages.
  10. Introduce the giants of Russian culture, such as Pushkin and Tchaikovsky through the most-recognized works in American popular culture (e.g, sugar-plum fairy composition from Nutcracker; what is known as Once-upon-a-dream from Sleeping Beauty, etc.)
  11. Expose to classical culture through connection with the popular culture.

Scheduled Themes:

  • October - November 2018:
  • Characters  from Russian fairy tales that could connect to Halloween: baba Yaga, Domovoi, Leshiy, Kikimora
  • How Russian culture corresponds to celebration of Thanksgiving in American culture - harvest, autumn, togetherness                         

Alerts and Reminders: Sessions Schedule:

  • Sessions for January 18, 2019 are cancelled
  • 18:00 session will be held on January 25, 2019
  • 2019 Sessions are held on Fridays