• Help Russian-speaking community by organizing informational lectures
  • Organize entertainment to provide networking opportunities
  • Organize Celebration of major Russian holidays
  • Support Russian language learning  with our Children's Club

Matryoshka Circle ($100- $299)

  • Zlata Lund
  • Joe Griffith
  • Law Office of Eva Khadjinova
  • Vera & Svetlana Serebryakova
  • Galina & William Tomisser
  • Sonata Spa
  • Home Depot (Abbott Rd.)


Upcoming Events

What we do

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Fire Bird Circle ($300 and above)

  • Rada Khadjinova
  • Bridge Builders of Anchorage
  • Gary& Natalia Monroe
  • Gary & Marina Gantz
  • Yuliya Helgesen-Thompson
  • Karina Delon

Please Thank Our Donors

Please Thank Our Volunteers

Rowan Berry Circle

  • Zip Combucha
  • Natalia Doughty
  • Natalia Girard
  • Laman Hedricks
  • Natalia  Sears

Our Mission

CRAFT is an IRC 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and all donations are tax-deductible.  Please, contact us to request the proper acknowledgment of your donation.  Thank you for supporting our organization!

  • Yulia Temple
  • Fyodor Soloview
  • Olga Hurlbert
  • Marina Dennis
  • Alex Salov
  • Greg Wolf
  • Linda Tomisser
  • Natalia Girard
  • Vivienne Hendricks
  • Dewey Whetsell
  • Michelle Evans
  • Katerina & Robert Wessels
  • Dances of Caucasus Group
  • Antonina Rider
  • World Trade Center
  • Princess Pappillion
  • Gennadiy & Nadezhda Polikakhin
  • Vladimir Vishnevetskiy
  • Oksana, Yana, Dee & Stanislav Monroe
  • Svetlana Thompson
  • Elena Lukina-Shelt
  • Sudarushka Nonprofit Corporation
  • Laman & Vivienne Hendricks
  • Anna Bondarenko
  • Natalia Ramstad
  • Svetlana Nikolayevna Velichko
  • Alexandra Clark
  • Evgeny Chernonog
  • Anna Bondarenko
  • Jim Lanier
  • Ruth Hogle
  • Larissa Markina
  • Oleg Bukhtiyarov
  • Yulia Valkova
  • Karina Delon

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives.  We always search for volunteers.  Please, contact us if you wish to help.

To support, preserve, and promote cultural traditions of the Russian-speaking community of Alaska by facilitating the development of cultural awareness, understanding and mutual respect among different local and state communities and entities..

Center of Russian-American Friendship & Trade of Alaska

13 September 2017

CRAFT Board of Directors Meeting. Eastern European Deli 16:30

30 September 2017

CRAFT Concert & Fundraising event.

8 September 2017

Children's Club Orientation

BP Energy Center